The project is situated in a suburban fabric with the constraint of the proximity of a railway line. The particular context of a very strict urban regulation (alignment, pitched roofs, setbacks,…) gave little leeway in the positioning of the buildings on the site The challenge was also to conceive houses with very high energy performance at the lowest cost to allow local residents with low income to buy their property.

The constructive system, made of entirely prefabricated timber elements allowed us to overcome the constraints of a tight site, to reduce construction time, to ensure high quality for the envelope, reducing energy loss and cold bridges. The fragmented front along the street allowed us to minimize the impact of the new constructions by reducing their scale.

All has been conceived to offer the best performance of cost / m² and the maximum flexibility / adaptability in time. It’s also the social role of architecture.

  • LOCATION : Montigny-lès-Cormeilles
  • CLIENT :HLM Habitation Transports, accounted for GIE LOGIDEV
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : 14 housings (home buying), in wood, eco label THPE and H&E
  • AREA : 1 300m2
  • TOTAL COST : 2 M€
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