The project aims to make the most of the specificity of the brief, cohabitation of volumes varying in a 1 to 3 ratio from the small height dance space to the high ceiling sports halls.

The sports complex is organized inside a free running peripheral plate which houses the “low height” spaces (changing rooms, infirmary, club-house, etc…) These “servant” spaces encircle the sports halls in concentric rings and are organized around the central “voids” as truly “inhabited fronts”. At the same time, they ensure the transition in scale between the external environment, the boulevard, the sports park and the sports complex whilst at the same time buffering and protecting it from external shocks and intrusions.

In its central part, the plate becomes deformed by two upward “overpressures” of differing size and scale in correspondence of the two sports halls below. These two “emergences”, separated by a “fault line” on the axis of the entrance hall mark the flatness of the site with their skyline.

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