The cultural centre Louis Aragon and library Boris Vian were grouped in a single building built in the 1980’s set in the heart of the city. The building, entirely introverted, was crossed by a pedestrian link gallery connecting with the different entities. The absence of real entrances impoverished the external spaces which were completely abandoned by the residents.
Our intervention consisted in :

  • the demolition of the urban gallery, the rehabilitation of the library into a “médiathèque”, the reorganization of the circulations, entrances and functions
  • the creation of a new glazed volume for conferences and small shows for 50 in the central void left by the demolished gallery
  • the requalification of the external spaces with the rehabilitation of the new public square to the west and the creation of a new entry for the “médiathèque” to the south

In a very monotonous environment and spaces darkened by the depth of the original buildings, the use of colours allowed us to give new readability and luminosity to the new functions.

  • LOCATION : Tremblay-en-France (93)
  • CLIENT : Ville de Tremblay-en-France
  • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
  • BRIEF : Rehabilitation of the multimedia Library and the Louis Aragon cultural hall centre – Laying out of the droits de l’Homme ‘s town square and restructuration of the City hall entrance
  • AREA : Library 2 200m2 et town square 4 000m2
  • TOTAL COST : Library 4.2 M€ town square 3M€
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