The project is inscribed in a heterogeneous quarter, characterized by the coexistence of individual and dense social housing which is destined to be renovated as part of a wide scale city rehabilitation plan.

    Placed at the foot of the hill, the new sports hall is covered with a roof treated like a real “fifth façade” visible from the boulevard above which is in fact the northern entrance into the city.

    In its longitudinal section, the roof which is the result of the deformation of a green grid made up of 14x14m squares, takes up the form of the terrain by a movement in extension of the natural declivity.
    This “checkerboard” landscaping grid is continued right through to the entrance square and parking spaces beyond.

    • LOCATION : Lisieux (14)
    • CLIENT : Ville de Lisieux
    • DESIGN TEAM : B+C Architectes
    • BRIEF : Multi purpose hall, climbing wall and the stands with 700 seats – eco label TPHE
    • AREA : 3 200m2
    • TOTAL COST: 5.2M€
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